Join a volunteer community of caring professionals

Supervisors who began their careers here, licensed therapists who volunteer year after year, first year trainees who are just starting their careers—SCCC is a volunteer community of uniquely collaborative and innovative mental health providers who believe everyone who needs counseling should have it.

Volunteer as a clinical supervisor

SCCC is a volunteer-driven organization that relies exclusively on client fees, individual donations, and grants to provide affordable counseling at sliding scale rates. Licensed therapists support us as volunteer clinical supervisors who oversee the work of our trainees.

Non-professionals can help, too!

Want to help people?  Are you exploring a career in counseling?  Join our all-volunteer family of therapists as a paraprofessional counselor. You’ll see clients who truly need your help as you learn the fundamentals of counseling under the supervision of our highly skilled clinical supervisors.

Before you begin, you must complete our 6-month Community Counselor Certification course. After that, you can join our pre-licensure training program and begin seeing clients. You’ll receive the same training, attend the same courses and learn the same counseling skills as our licensure-track trainees and associates.