Gail Wilburn, LMFT, LPCC, Executive Director

Robert Mendelsohn, LMFT, Clinical Director

Marisa Ice, LMFT, Assistant Clinical Director

Emily Beach, Advancement Manager

Lisa Cash, LMFT, Weekend Clinical Coordinator

Robbyn Coffey, Director of Administration

Kim Cookson, PsyD, Director, Trauma & Resiliency Training & Services

Clay Crosby, LMFT, Director, New Counselor Education and Parenting Program

Eleanor Curry, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist

Marianne Diaz, Director of Outreach Services

Richard Dowaliby, Weekend Front Desk Manager

Moj Farazian, LMFT, Director, The Abuse Prevention Program

Nick Fisher, Communications Manager

Blake Fountain-Young, Client Contact Coordinator

Kathryn Heymann, Client Coordinator

Gene Lichtenstein, LMFT, Weekend Clinical Coordinator

Alyssa Mass, Director, School-Based Program

Tamara Satterwhite, Administrative Coordinator

Kyle Swann, Accounting Manager

Jonathan Vickburg, LMFT, IT Administrator

Melinda Vyvyan, Outreach Program Coordinator

Angela Wallace, LMFT, Clinical Adviser

Arezou Yashoua, LMFT, Clinical Client Coordinator