GATE: “Gangs,” A Therapeutic Education

GATE is a training program designed for anyone working with adolescents andSCCC_Icons_coretraining-gate adults who are impacted by the culture of gangs and community violence. The course uses the lived experience of its facilitator along with a community counseling model influenced by post-modern, strength-based ideas to understand the impact of trauma on the lives of those living with violence and the role of gang culture as a means to emotional and physical survival. The most powerful part of the training is an introduction to the contextual realities faced by gang members and those affected by community violence. The politics  of dehumanization of entire cultures are included as part of the dialogue as we delineate the efforts of powerful systems to incarcerate, devalue and ultimately exterminate the marginalized. By challenging assumptions and providing language to address matters of oppression and privilege, we expose counselors and other participants to ideas that work in conversations with mandated youth and adults, including self-identified gang youth and other oppressed populations.

Course Breakdown

Introduction to a stance of nonviolence

  • Neutral position on gang membership
  • Includes larger social factors encouraging and sustaining gangs
  • Tribal Cultures: social/economic/political familial/ethnic identity of gang membership
  • Trauma and its impact on communities
  • Deconstruct the meaning of gang membership, re-humanizing gang members. Externalizing rage, anger and other justified issues of oppressed cultures
  • Trying to regain sense of cultural identity lost through acculturation
  • Class and its affect on oppressed cultures and views about communities and clients through this lens

Connecting and working with teens, mandated clients and those affected by gang culture and violence

  • Using the Hypothetical in session (getting specific)
  • Playing it Forward (paying attention to details)
  • Questioning the Mandating system (giving voice to the client)
  • Avoiding getting Captured by client reputations
  • Understanding the Eternal Inquisitive Tourist (EIT)

General Information

Date: November 5th, 2016
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Fee: $200.00 per participant
Early registration: $180 if paid before October 22, 2016
Location: Southern California Counseling Center

CEUs Available

For more information, call Marianne Diaz, Director of Outreach Services at: 323.904.3211 or fill out the form to your right.

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The Southern California Counseling Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.

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