The 2017 Holiday Feast Drive is here!

Since 2004, Outreach Services has spearheaded SCCC’s annual Holiday Feast and Gift Drives which have been supported by the entire community at the Center.  The Holiday Feast Drive is the first in a 2-prong call-to-action.

As we all know the social climate, both in spirit and in actuality, has become even more visibly hostile to many of our most under-served communities. We at SCCC serve a huge number of clients who are feeling the sadness, fear and confusion that is coming at them every day, on top of the almost insurmountable obstacles they already face every day to keep lights on and food on the table.

Often times, the Holidays can bring a lack of financial resources into very sharp focus.  What we try to do in a small way is alleviate stress, if only for these two celebrations.

The communities of Watts and Mid-City Los Angeles where the Southern California Counseling Center serve clients are the focus of our efforts and this year we are going to support 10 Teen Violence Prevention Group members and their families with our “Thank You” Holiday Feast Baskets as well as 10 families who participate in our Watts programs.

Why “Thank You,”? Because it’s in the work we do with the families, individuals, groups, couples and at the Watts site that our therapeutic knowledge and practice begin to be challenged and stretched. What we thought we understood, we didn’t, and what we assumed to be helpful has been examined and wondered about. Without the clients, who are we?


  • If you’re on-site at the Center, stop by the Counselors lounge.  Posted on the wall, you’ll find a list of families and the size of those families we have selected to receive our thank you. The items we are gathering will be listed and how many items we will need per family based on the size. For example; Boxes of Stuffing/Dressing, Pies, Whip cream, Mac and Cheese, Etc.
    • You can work on this individually by selecting a family or items. You can also organize your supervision to adopt one or more families.
  • You can also pay for turkeys already purchased and housed at the “CleanSlate” office in the deep freezer. Turkeys are $25.00 and we bring them to the Center on delivery day! Don’t like to shop? Make a donation to the cause. We will do the shopping!!! Make checks payable to CleanSlate, or feel free to use PayPal @
  • You can also sign up to deliver these packages to the families of Watts and Mid-City. Delivery day is November 21st. Thank you Center Community! Let’s have another successful Holiday Feast Drive!!!

Soon followed by the Holiday Gift Drive!

Marianne Diaz
Director of Outreach Services

CleanSlate has been in partnership with this effort since the beginning and is Marianne Diaz’s Non-profit

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