Take a look at SCCC’s Virtual Art Show: How Does That Make You Feel?


How does that make you feel? is a group exhibition featuring 14 emerging and mid-career Los Angeles-based artists. The majority of the artists identify as women, non-binary, and are artists of color.

The curatorial premise aims to address themes of accessibility in relation to Art and Therapy, respectively. Art may seem inaccessible depending on where you’re coming from. Let’s be real, galleries and museums can be intimidating and elitist. The Southern California Counseling Center has been serving the community with affordable mental health care for over 50 years. As a non-profit, the Center believes mental health care is a right, not a privilege. What better a place than the Center to showcase amazing, beautiful, meaningful art to an audience that may not necessarily have access to it otherwise. At the same time, the Center is opening its doors, welcoming new visitors to come take a look, make yourself comfortable, and check out a variety of therapy services.

The work in the show engages collage, drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking, and explores diverse themes ranging from the politics surrounding place, personhood, and representation. The work was selected based on ideas of playfulness, beauty, humor, and love. All my favorite feels.

For more information about the exhibition or the artists, please contact Michelle Chong at [email protected].



Still images by Edward Mumford.

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