The Role of Social Justice in a Learning Community

Our SCCC mission states that we seek to “strengthen families and empower communities.” How do we do that? In our view, that task begins within: Do we live our values in our work with clients? In our training programs? With our staff and supervisors? And how does empowerment occur? As a learning community, we believe it begins with honoring the history, values, wisdom, experience and cultures of those around us, particularly those whose cultures have been historically marginalized; with never, ever imposing our values on others; with continually examining ways in which our assumptions represent a privileged position or serve to disempower others; and with increasing our awareness of the historical effects of oppression. It is a big task without an endpoint. But in the process of working towards it through our trainings and client services, we believe we train fine therapists and empower clients – outcomes that support social justice – and empowerment – in the communities we serve.

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