2015 Fundraiser raises more than ever before!


May 2, 2015:  an ABSOLUTELY SMASHING good time was had as almost 400 people gathered at Smashbox Studios to raise money for affordable mental health counseling at SCCC.   Many guests came to celebrate with Miriam Muscarolas and Grant Abramson, honorees, and collectively we raised over $397,000!

Grant, Board Member and chair of the Strategic Planning committee created a powerful moment in his thank you speech while engaging with the crowd…  Attendees were invited to put on two wristbands when they entered the event, a clear one on the left, and a grey and yellow one on the right.  He asked the question:

“What is color of mental health? Everyone knows AIDS awareness is red, and LGBTQ is rainbow… Could it be black and blue for the victims of domestic violence?  Could it be the color of cement for the the place where many homeless rest their heads?  Could it be the color of blood for the innocent victims of senseless school shootings because the gunman never got the counseling he needed?  Mostly mental health struggles are invisible to the outside world, like the wristband on the left.  But at the Southern California Counseling Center, we stand for something — as our grey and yellow band on the right says, Mental Healthcare:  A Right, Not A Privilege.”

Following a moving testimonial about the impact of our Trauma & Resiliency Services, we raised over $50,000 THAT NIGHT, supporting the expansion and partnership with Watts Labor Community Action Committee, bringing much needed trauma and resiliency resources, groups, and services to Watts and its surrounding communities.

We are grateful to be able to continue celebrating our impact and our mission:  changing lives and strengthening communities by providing affordable mental health counseling to people in need.  We are grateful to YOU for joining us in this endeavor!

Read more about our Trauma & Resiliency Training and Services, and our Partnership in Watts with WLCAC.SCCC-May2015-WEB-43SCCC-May2015-WEB-59

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