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Center ‘drives’: giving back for 13 years!

For some, the holiday season can be the most stressful time of year.  Each year since 2003, the counselors, staff, Board, supervisors and alumni of the Southern California Counseling Center,  have worked together to provide two holiday drives for families who are part of SCCC Outreach Services – a Thanksgiving Feast Drive and a Holiday Gift Drive. For the past two years we have not only provided for families at our mid-city location but also have included Watts Los Angeles. Our partners at the Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) provided the names of 10 families that needed assistance. Annually, we begin on the first day of ...

SCCC Board of Directors shine!

Our approach, with so much respect and understanding of the systemic oppression that this and many other communities have faced, has opened up relationships that have proven to be long reaching in a distrusting community.

Community Counselor Course begins Jan. 15th

Since 1992, Southern California Counseling Center has been offering the Community Counselor Course (CCC) to the people of Los Angeles twice a year, with classes beginning in January and July.  This course (if we can honestly call it a course, because it is more of a journey) is a learning process and much of the learning is about you: what impacts you, how you react to those around you/your ‘clients’, and how you impact the relationship with those around you, especially those you work with.  We believe that in order to support others, you must feel supported.  We ask: how do we care for ourselves when trying to support those who have such ...